It’s all about the “twitch”!

Posted on June 15th, 2017

It’s easy to make fish strike when they are aggressively feeding and they will hit almost anything that looks like a meal. But, when they are not actively feeding, even lathargic either because of their mood, or colder water temperatures “twitching” a lure to make it swim erratically with short stops and allowing it to “suspend” in a fishes strike zone can be a real asset.


This is where twitch-baits come in. Good twitch baits will be neutral buoyancy, or will rise very slowly.  They will have a natural swimming action. They will be able to be worked shallow by working the rod-tip up higher, or as deep as 5′ working the rod tip just above the water.  When paused they should be literally be able to be worked from side to side in one place. This is the tantalizing action that even in-active fish can’t refuse!

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