Italo tip on rigging Luhr Jensen Cut Bait heads with prepared herring.

Posted on August 30th, 2016

I recently had a chance to fish with friends aboard, www.niagarafishingadventures.com , with Captain Aldo Nava. Aldo has been doing very well this season catching trophy salmon & trout using the Luhr Jensen  Cut Bait heads with the soft-plastic herring strip, but also with real, pickled herring. I wanted to share his method of rigging which produces good results.

057A9520 preparing_herring

Aldo starts by carefully cutting into the pickled herring using a Rapala Bait Knife. The herring is kept frozen until use.

057A9521 trimming_herringstrip

Hi then carefully trims the wide part of the herring body (the part just behind the head), so that it fits snugly into the Luhr Jensen Cut Bait cap.

057A9522 inserting_herring

Next he slides the piece of real herring into the head so that it will hold securely.

057A9523 rigging_hooks

Hi insets the pin through one side of the cap, through the herring and out the other side. This secures the herring in the cap.

057A9524 luhrjensen_cutbait

This is the real herring with the cap ready to fish. Speed is critical when trolling this rig and the herring should have a slow, tight rolling action while trailing a flasher.


Do the Luhr Jensen Cut Bait heads work when spoons and flies don’t….definitely!!

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