Italo Labignan, freezing Trout & Salmon Eggs for bait.

Posted on November 11th, 2019

I love to fish Great Lakes migratory Brown trout & Steelhead and when the fishing is tough, especially from turbid waters I find salmon or trout roe bags can produce when other artificials like hard or soft beads, flies and jig-flies don’t.

I often treat salmon & trout eggs with borax and then either use the over a couple months period and just keep them in the fridge until I need to tie roe bags, or I freeze eggs without adding any preservative by vacuum sealing them. Sometimes I have thawed out vacuum sealed trout eggs that have been 2 yrs old and even though there was some water that froze when the eggs were originally sealed, they still turn out amazingly fresh as you can see in the roe bags in this posts feature image.

Next time you have some trout or salmon eggs you want to store for a longer period of time and you want to keep them natural, try vacuum packing them. You will be very pleased with the results.

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