Kawartha Lakes, ON March ice-Perch.

Posted on March 16th, 2022

Our friend Ed Dolstra who loves to fish for panfish in the Kawartha Lakes, ON recently had a chance to fish for Perch and had one of his best outings for jumbos.

A few of Ed’s perch measured up to 14″…true jumbos!

Ed likes to fish live minnows in less than 7′ of water. Fishing a single hook and minnow on a set line works well and also jigging a jighead/minnow combination or spoon/minnow combination off the bottom.

Big jumbo Perch like the one Ed is holding up are usually females full of eggs.

Perch are schooling fish and often fish of the same size school together. Hits can be strong or very light depending whether or not the Perch are heavily feeding. Most of the best fishing for them in the Kawartha’s is during mid-day.

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