Southern Ontario ice condition update.

Posted on January 4th, 2022

Our winter weather has been mild with few days of below zero temps and several days of above freezing temps. While some lakes north of the GTA have anywhere from 2-4″ of ice, venturing out on them can be dangerous.

Ice Conditions.
Early safe ice can be excellent for catching Whitefish that have just finished spawning and heading back to disperse in the main lake.

We are getting reports of ice anglers going out fishing for trout, walleye and pike on lakes from Haliburton going east to Madoc, ON.

Ice Conditions.
Rainbow trout are extremely active early in the ice fishing season and venture into water as shallow as 6′ to feed.

Lakes located north of that latitude are getting more ice cover and anglers are taking advantage especially of Rainbow trout ice fishing opportunities.

Ice Conditons.
This chart shows minimum safe clear, solid ice conditions to support various weights. Best to wait until ice thickness are stronger before heading out.

It’s best to wait until there is at least 6″ of clear/blue, solid ice before venturing out on frozen lake. To be extra careful cutting smaller holes to check ice thickness if venturing out every 50′ of so is recommended. Stay away from narrows, inlet/outlet streams/rivers and any any areas that are prone to produce currents. Those areas can have very unreliable ice thickness and can be extremely dangerous.

Machines should not be used until ice thickness is at least 12″ of solid ice.

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