Eating-size Great Lakes Salmon.

Posted on August 31st, 2022

The Grdosic family really enjoy getting out for different species of fish and also enjoying them fresh-caught. Recently they fished Lake Ontario for eating-size salmon.

Great Lakes Salmon under 7lb are ideal eating size.

Even though many anglers try and hook big Chinook Salmon, the smaller fish in the 5-7lb range are the best for eating. They usually have a firmer, pink colored flesh.

Small Chinook Salmon often referred to as “shakers” over 3 lb make for ideal eating.

Same lures will work for the smaller salmon that includes fluttering spoons fished off downriggers, flasher/fly combination and also cut-bait/heads fished either off a downrigger, Dipsey Diver or sinking lines.

Juvenille Chinook salmon will continue feeding off-shore while mature salmon over 15lb will head in-shore to start making their spawning run.

The main key to locating the smaller salmon is to get off-shore in deeper water where the juvenile fish are feeding all season long.

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