Bay of Quinte Walleye update.

Posted on January 26th, 2022

With the cold-snap southern Ontario has been going trough for the last few weeks ice conditions have become safe on many of our lakes. This includes sections of the Bay of Quinte. Anglers are reporting good catches of Walleye early in the day and also good size Perch.

Big Bay is producing well in 17-20′ depths. Most angles are catching their fish using vertical jigging spoons tipped with a live minnow. Having a reliable ice-sonar is key to show your jig as its working and to also mark approaching fish. Once fish are marked anglers are varying their jigging technique to try and raise the fish slowly off the bottom and get them to strike. Most strike are soft with anglers literally just feeling their jig get heavy all of a sudden.

Even with our cold temperature it’s advised to stay clear of any bridges and narrows as currents will create very uneven ice thickness. Always check ice thickness if venturing out to a new area.

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