New Duckett Walleye series cranking spinning rods.

Posted on June 29th, 2022

One of my favorite fish species to target through the ice and during open water season is Walleye. One of my favorite presentations to catch them is casting crankbaits around open-water weeds where Walleye move in to feed aggressively on smaller fish.

The new Duckett Walleye series rods offer two medium–action spinning rod models that were produced specifically for this task. They come in a 6′ 8″ & 7′ model. Both have sensitive/soft tips for the first 18″ and then a solid backbone down to the grip. The sensitive tip  gives anglers that split-second advantage for a Walleye to close his mouth on the crankbait and as the hook is set, the strong, stiffer shaft of the rod sets the hook past the barb.  You can view the full Duckett Walleye series rods by going to their website, https://www.duckettfishing.com/walleye-series .

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