Cranking Largemouth Bass.

Posted on June 30th, 2022

While most Largemouth Bass anglers like either casting spinner baits, fishing top-water in the weeds or fishing soft-plastics around weeds/cover. My wife Barb and I like to search out large weedbeds surrounded by open-water and cast crankbaits to Largemouth Bass that feed mostly on smaller fish and often are overlooked by other anglers.

Largemouth Bass.
Barb holds up a chunky 18″ Largemouth Bass that smashed her crankbait.

Our strategy is to find these large weedbeds out from shallower bays. I believe the Largemouth Bass will cruise into the shallower bays during low-light and at night to hunt and as the sun intensity gets higher they move to their deeper water weed-layers where they wait inbetween the edge of the weeds for passing fish. That’s were we work our crankbaits that dive from 4-7′ in depth right along the weeds. We normally find good size Largemouth Bass and often get other species to smack our crankbaits that include Pike, Walleye and even Channel Catfish.

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