Southern Ontario Carp.

Posted on June 9th, 2022

Most of the Carp in southern Ontario are done spawning and are already feeding along shorelines where they can be easily tempted to pick-up either sweet corn kernels, prepared carp baits and boilies.

Early season Carp can be lean from wintering and start to feed heavily as weeds start to grow.

Jason has had a great time catching good-size fish just fishing from shore.

Early season Carp love to eat carbs and can quickly add pounds on.

Early season carp feed well especially if you “matt” the area with some free snacks and then cast your offering in the middle.

Dedicated Carp anglers normally have all the right carp-gear which includes a landing mat to lay the fish on while unhooking. These are usually wet to protect the fish from loosing any slime.

Dedicated Carp anglers use landing mats to make sure the fish are protected & don’t roll on the ground.

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