Fresh Perch fry.

Posted on January 19th, 2022

Many anglers are taking advantage of safe ice conditions with the recent cold-snap we have been experiencing. Lake Simcoe has already been producing lots of jumbo perch near-shore.

The Grdosic family had a chance to capitalize on some tasty Perch and to enjoy them fresh-caught.

Perch Fry.
Fresh caught perch and perch egg-sacks coated in your favorite coating and fried are both deliceous!

The Grdosic family know that it’s not just the perch fillets that are tasty, but also the egg-sacks from such of the largest perch.

Perch fry.
Perch egg-sacks and fillets coated and ready to be fried.

Both egg-sacks and fillets are coated the same way and gently deep-fried in a skillet.

While many anglers deep-fry their panfish, skillet-fried fish is quick and just as tasty. The trick is to fry the fish at 350F and ensure they fry quickly without absorbing excess oil.

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