Is your boat ready for the season! by Northstar Marine Insurance

Posted on February 1st, 2010

Outdrive bellows

Should be inspected on an annual basis. Deteriorated bellows can cause sinking

Through hull fittings

Be certain all hose connections are tight and that no frost damage has occurred

Deck Fittings

Loose fittings can allow moisture in resulting in premature core rot and structural deterioration

Electrical System

Corrosion can form quickly on metal-to-metal contacts, such as battery terminals. A quick cleaning can help ensure your engine starts every time.


Topped up and fresh fluids including engine and gear case oil reduce wear and prolong mechanical life.

Bilge Pumps

Ensure pumps are functioning and automatic floats work by lifting the float switch.


Old, tired batteries don’t always have the power to turn over the engine

Hose & Belts

Rubber hoses should not be brittle or hard, belts should not show signs of cracking and be tensioned properly.

Fire Systems

Automatic and portable extinguishers should be checked and serviced annually. Do not mount portable extinguishers in difficult to reach areas where they are not visible or accessible.


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