Insect Defend Patch – Headline – The Smallest Product Lands the Largest Deal in Dragons’ Den History

Posted on March 16th, 2010

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March 11, 2010

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Headline – The Smallest Product Lands the Largest Deal in Dragons’ Den History

Television viewers who tuned in to the hit CBC reality show Dragons’ Den on Wed March 10th saw news in the making with the “biggest deal in the history of the show” being made with one of the smallest products they have ever showcased.

The Insect Defend Patch is a trans-dermal patch that acts as a mosquito bite deterrent. Measuring about 2”x2” in size, it is probably the smallest product they have ever had on the show. But that did not stop James Krane and Ron Whittick, the Canadian representatives, from slaying the Dragons and walking away with a $5 Million dollar deal offered up by Brett Wilson and Jim Treliving.

“CBC auditioned over 4000 products.” said James Krane. “We were very fortunate to be among the 250 selected for filming. The ultimate fantasy of everyone who auditions is to make the biggest deal ever. Our $5 Million deal was more than 3 times bigger that the biggest deal last year. Wow.”

Krane was not surprised. The Insect Defend Patch fills a niche that no product (until now) has been able to fill. It is needed, at some point, by virtually everyone on the planet.

The Insect Defend Patch, when applied to a dry, hairless part of the body, provides protection for up to 36 hours from mosquitoes. The patch’s only active ingredient is 75mg of Vitamin B1 (Thiamine). The Patch should be applied 2 hours before exposure to biting insects. It is totally safe for children as young as one year old. Its effectiveness is not washed away if the wearer perspires or participates in water related activities.

It is perfect for the active outdoor lifestyle.

“No smell, no oily skin, no irritation, no insect bites. The Insect Defend Patch is all you need” as per Italo Labignan, host of The Canadian Sportfishing TV Series on TSN.

The patch will be available this season at Home Hardware, Wal-Mart, Loblaws Pharmacies, Zellers Pharmacies, Giant Tiger and many other locations.

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