Incredible India-Day3, Delhi to Dharamsala, India Mahseer flyfishing.

Posted on September 20th, 2013

Today was our travel day and we departed from the Delhi airport on Air India at 9:45am to Dharamsala, India in the Himachel Pradesh Province of the Greater Himalayas.  The flight was smooth and Vjey (one of our drivers that was with us 2-yrs ago when we were shooting the TV shows), was at the airport waiting for us with our van.

From there we had an 1 1/2 hr drive to the Taragarh Palace in the Kanga Valley.  Roads in the Greater Himalayas often get debris washed across them which causes everyone to slow down to about 20-40 km hour.

[nggallery id=899]After a delicious lunch we were off to the Binwa River about 1/2 hr away.  When we arrived at the river, the water was clear and we could see a school of about 20-40 mahseer of varying sizes right in front of us. We immediately started casting with a 7wt. Cortland fly rod/7wt. WFF line but the water was so clear that the fish were spooking from the line falling on the water. Once they settled down we started to get them to hit.  Francine had about 4-fish hit before she hooked and landed her first fish in India.  Francine also ended up landing the biggest Golden Mahseer of the day!!  Next, Carl worked the top of the run and quickly hooked into another mahseer.  Shortly after that I worked the top of the next pool and hooked another masheer.  The action was hot and furious but we only had a couple of hours to fish since we were scheduled to visit one of the famous monasteries in the region.

[nggallery id=901]After a drive to the top of one of the lower mountains we arrived at Sherebeling Budha Monastery where the monks were doing their evening chanting.  The scene was very colourful. The monastery had a mix of adults, teenage and even monks as your as 8 years of age.

[nggallery id=900]From there we drove back through one of the villages where the locals were celebrating one of their religiousGanesh Festivals and as Francine waved at the passerby’s, she even shared some of the celebrations by getting some colored powdered on her.

What a great way to start out Greater Himalayan fishing segment of our trip.  Tomorrow we will be leaving the Palace at 7am and fishing the Uhl River & one of it’s tributaries for brown and rainbow trout.

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