Incredible India – Day 8, Filming 2nd Ultralight Trout Show from Hymalayan Trout House, Deori, India.

Posted on April 13th, 2011

[nggallery id=460]The Thirthan River in Deori, India has some of the best clear-water trout fishing in the world.  Today we moved to the Hymalayan Trout House in Deori, India on the Thirthan River.  We met the owner Christopher Mitra and planned our strategy for the day’s fishing both in the upper and lower stretch of the Thirthan River. 

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For those of you that are not familiar with this river, it has about 40 km. of excellent brown and rainbow trout fishing waters.  The upper stretch of the river is bordered by the Hymalian National Park, and the southern boarder is where it meets the Beas River (there is a dam on the Beas just below where the Thirthan flows into it).  The upper section is crystal clear while the lower section has a silty tributary flowing into it which dis-colors the water a bit.  Both upper and lower stretches hold lot’s of trout. 

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We decided to use Rapala Avantis and Classic Trout ultralight spinning outfits to do our second trout show.  Our lures of choice were the Vibrax #1 & #2 Spinner, 1/8 oz. Lucky Strike spoons and the Rapala Countdown Minnow in the CD1 & CD3 size.  The weather continued to be rainy but we were able to again shoot an action-packed show in a matter of hours. We enjoyed another tasty shorelunch right on the river and caugth lot’s of trout in all the stretches we fished!

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Our timing in the Deori, India section of the Thirthan River coencided with a major protest that was being staged by the community to stop the construction of a proposed dam on the Thirthan River.  The Thirthan River is one of the few rivers left in India that does not have a dam on it and where brown and rainbow trout thrive.  We also shot a segment of the protest for out TV show.

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Besides the great fishing we also had a chance to visit the local communities and get some shots of the “relaxing” dogs.

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We met many of the locals who live in the community of Deori, India and who love the Thirthan Valley.

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