Incredible India – Day 7, 1st Fly Fishing TV show From Riverview Resort on the Thirthan River, Himachal Pradesh, India.

Posted on April 13th, 2011

Yes!! This was or first full day of fishing on the famous Thirthan River in Himachal Pradesh, India.  We were in one of the most beautiful valleys in the Greater Hymalayas and Barbara & I were eager to fish!!  After having coffee and snacks in front of Riverview Resort, we were driven up-river to the buffer-zone of the Himachal National Park.  The plan was for us to fish from there south to the first community.  Sanjey our key co-ordinator made plans for us to fish while he went back to Riverview to pick-up our breakfast which we would have in a few hours after catching a bunch of fish.

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After catching about 3-dozen browns and rainbows we took another break for an early afternoon lunch.  Unfortunately, after lunch it started to rain and we did very little fishing worried that our camera gear might get too wet.  At any rate, we had lot`s of fish for our first Thirthan River Fly fishing episode!

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Fishing anywhere in India is much, much more than fishing.  It`s an incredible experience. I had to show you some of the people-shots we took while in the community near Riverview Resort.  The people here are so friendly.  They have a wonderful culture, grow awesome crops and they dress very well.  When you look at the face-images please keep in mind that most of the cloths are hand made.  The jackets are custom made from hand-collected and hand-spun whool.  The beautiful hats are also hand made and each color variation and pattern signifies a different community.  You can see in the faces of the people that thy are very fit (even the elderly), and they work very hard to grow their crops.

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No matter where we travelled in India, children and adults can be seen playing cricket in open fields and in the city streets.  It was  no different in the Thirthan River Valley,

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