Incredible India – Day 6, Narkanda to Deori, India (Thirthan Valley).

Posted on April 13th, 2011

[nggallery id=453]As we climed to 11,000`+, the roads got narrower and the people looked very different from Delhi, India.  Himachal Pradesh is a beautiful region with high mountain peaks and deep, narrow, lush valleys.  In the distance you can see the mighty snow-capped Hymalayas.  We also started to see some of the inhabitants of the region and they ranged from small nomadic communities that lived in temporary tents, to very nice housed with vast terraced-agricultural areas surrounding their homes.

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As we neared the river the communities were definitely agricultural and it was common to see people carrying items, goats, etc.  Our first stop fishing in the Thirthan River was at the Riverview Resort which was right on the river.  To get to and from the resort they use a zip-line rigged with a box large enough to sit in and to transport additional items.  This was a thrill in itself because it gives you a great view of the Thirthan River below.  The resort is very comfortable, right on the river and even the pool right at the Resort are full of rainbow and brown trout.  Infact, while our gear was being transported up to our rooms I donned my Rapala polarized fishing glasses, headed down to the first pool and started scanning up and down around the rocks and sure enough, I spotted several trout varying from 8-15`cruising in and out from underneath rocks.  Bhupinder Singh Thakur, the owner of Riverview Resort was very gracious and made sure we were comfortable and able to enjoy our trout fishing to the fullest.

On our first evening, after un-packing, we only had about an hour to fish before we sat down for dinner.  Full of excitement to fish the Thirthan River for the first time the camera crew, my wife Barbara and I headed down to one of the pools and sure-enough we started hooking trout right away.  Barbara landed the first brown trout using a nymph on a number 12-hook and a 6-7 wt. floating line with Cortland fly fishing combo.  I also started catching fish on nymphs and than switched to a Rapala Avantis ultralight spinning outfit loaded with Sufix 4 lb. test 100% Castable Fluorocarbon line and a Rapala CD1 brown-trout colored minnow.

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