In the past, fishing and hunting in Canada was pretty much “a man’s domain.”

Posted on November 22nd, 2011

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‘She’ enjoys role in outdoor world
 In the past, fishing and hunting in Canada was pretty much “a man’s domain.” But since becoming owner of the All-Canada Show over seven years ago, Jennifer Young has started making waves.
 This year was a new adventure.  She traveled to the “World’s Northern Most Sportfishing and Hunting Lodge”, High Arctic Lodge in Nunavut to shoot video on a musk ox hunt.  Being her first hunt of her life, this chosen location and species of animal was very unique.  For most people hunting musk ox, it is their “hunt of a lifetime” that they have planned and prepared for over a period of years or decades.  Jennifer did the exact opposite having it be her first hunt and the platform for jumping into the sport head first.  She went deer hunting in November and is planning a black bear hunt in Manitoba in the Spring.
 Jennifer has two sides – the glamour side and the outdoor side.  Traveling to exotic places around the world including all of Canada is her passion.  She loves to dress up and be pampered as well as be in the outdoors hunting, fishing, and exploring.  The interesting thing that she has found that many other women haven’t is that sometimes you can have both at a lodge in Canada.  They will feed you elegant meals, clean your cabin, and guide you to an adventure you’ll never forget.  She also enjoys going to housekeeping camp or lodge.  Her family is very comfortable doing their own thing and making their own schedule.
 She has done most of her fishing in Canada (not in the US).  She has introduced some of her girl friends to Canada as a destination offering five star accommodations and high quality food, service, and a relaxing get away.  Her family has been enjoying Canada since her kids were youngsters.  With a husband, Jeff Young, who is from Chicago and is a golfer, she has brought the outdoor world to him.  They started bringing their three kids to Canada when they were only three years old.  They remember those trips, and anticipate the next trip to Canada.?
Back in 2008, Young said “My goal is to catch a trophy of each species and to fish or hunt in every province and territory”.
So far, her best fishing efforts have produced trophies of the following fish: northern pike, walleye, small mouth bass, arctic grayling, arctic char, and her largest a 27 pound lake trout caught in a 16’ boat on Great Bear Lake, NWT. She has fly fished in the Yukon and been north of the Arctic Circle twice.  Her travels have been from the west coast – British Columbia and Yukon through Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Northwest Territories, Nunavut, and Ontario.  She loves the variety that the Canadian lodges and camps have to offer.  Sharing the beauty and boldness of Canada with her family and families throughout the Mid West US brings Young enjoyment every day.
            “One of the many things that I love about this job,” Jennifer said, “is dealing with our over 300 exhibitors.  About 65 percent of them are Canadian, and they are all just great people.  Another benefit is traveling around the Midwest helping Americans plan their next Canadian adventure.  We helping plan Canadian vacations (ours and show guests) 52 weeks a year rather than just two weeks like most people.”
 “I will never take for granted the opportunity All-Canada offers me to fish, hunt and just explore Canada while on assignment for our publications, blog, and Internet podcast shows (view on YouTube – All Canada Show).  As my grandpa Hutch always said, “It’s better than working.”?
 “Over the next few years, I plan to continue my quest to travel via hunting and fishing to every province and territory in Canada.  Sounds like fun to me.”
  Admission–Adults, $10; seniors and children (13-16), $8; and children 12 and under, free.  For $2 off coupon and complete show details, log on to AllCanadaShow.com or call: 800-325-6290.?
2012 All-Canada Show Schedule: St. Louis, St. Charles Convention Center, Jan. 6-8; Indianapolis, The Fountains, Carmel, Jan. 9-11; Chicago, Pheasant Run Resort, St. Charles, Jan. 12-15; Madison, Marriott Madison West Convention Center, Jan. 16-18; Milwaukee, Milwaukee County Sports Complex, Jan. 19-22; Green Bay, ShopKo Hall, Jan. 26-29; Minneapolis/St. Paul, Earle Brown Heritage Center, Minneapolis, Feb. 17-19.
Hours: St. Louis: 5-9 p.m., Friday; 10 a.m.-6 p.m., Saturday and 10 a.m.-4 p.m., Sunday. Chicago, Milwaukee and Green Bay:  5-9 p.m., Thursday; 3-9 p.m., Friday; 10 a.m.-6 p.m., Saturday and 10 a.m.-4 p.m., Sunday. Madison and Indianapolis: 5-9 p.m., Monday; 3-9 p.m., Tuesday and 10 a.m.-3 p.m., Wednesday (free lunch on Wednesday from 11 – 2 pm). Minneapolis: 3-9 p.m., Friday; 10 a.m.-6 p.m., Saturday and 10 a.m.-4 p.m., Sunday.   ?
Sponsors–National sponsors in 2012 include Sunset Country, Cabela’s, Labatt Blue, Yamaha Canada, Eppinger, Gates Taxidermy, Travel Manitoba, Anthony Padgett Gallery, Tourism Ontario, and Spectra Print.   

For complete show details visit: www.AllCanadaShow.com or  www.AllCanada.com

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