Icing Whitefish.

Posted on January 12th, 2019

Marty Alders has been having a blast catching Whitefish in shallow water. Marty states; “We are catching them on hammered fluttering silver spoons & small jigs with a small white twister tail grub. We are fishing these whitefish anywhere from 3-21 foot of water but mainly focusing in the 3-6’ depth range as they are schooled up and feeding there hitting the bottom with the spoons to stir up the bottom then letting it rest about 6-12” off the bottom they will come in and investigate.

Sight fishing them is amazing as the water clarity is very good. When they are not committing to the spoons they love the small tungsten Jigs and tipped with small plastic grub. I like to target the whites in 8 to 12 foot of water from early ice to late March as they like to head to the flat sandy side of clear lake and school up.

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