Ice-Walleye TV shoot with TipNJig Total Ice Fishing System.

Posted on March 1st, 2017

Even though we had some very mild air temperatures during the 2nd week in Feb. we were able to still get out on safe ice and produce a dynamic ice-walleye TV show for the 2018 Canadian Sportfishing Series using the TipNJig Total Ice Fishing System.


My highlight was fishing with Scottie Martin and the inventor of the TipNJig, Jozsef Debrecini (above, left). Joszef is 84 yrs old and still in excellent shape to fish. He has set a record on the Canadian Sportfishing TV series of being the oldest angler to be on the show!!

057A4942 fish_on_tipnjig

Jozsef has been working on perfecting the TipNJig for 30 yrs. I worked with him back in the 80’s when he first developed the system.

PYP_1841 TipNJig_System

Today, his dedication has paid off and he has indeed perfected an amazing system where you can interchange different rod-tips (light, medium & heavy action), at any time to the handle that is designed to be fished as a tip-up or just for jigging.

PYP_1664 trigger

The base has the most sensitive “strike-indicator” to detect even the lightest bite and even if a monster fish grabs the line, it cannot take the rod off because of a build-in “hook-mechanism” that locks the rod in place under substantial pressure.

057A4901 Joszef_hook-up

You can see that Jozsef knows the drill well, when the TipNJig registers a fish on, he takes his time getting to the rig, gently takes the rod off without spooking the biting fish, makes sure the fish has the  bait, than sets the hook.

057A4970 Joszef_Debreceni_walleye2

It’s nice to see him have the same passion for fishing that he has enjoyed all his life. He is so keen on seeing flags go up and getting to the rigs that for the first 3-fish I did not stand a chance getting to a tip-up before him!

The TipNJig Total ice fishing system will be available for the next ice fishing season. To get more info, you can contact sylvia@moldex.ca .

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