Ice-Walleye TipNJig action.

Posted on February 17th, 2017

I had the pleasure recently to fish with a very exciting and brand new ice fishing system called TipNJig for a variety of fish species that included trout, walleye, pike and panfish.


I am excited about this system since it is indeed a complete ice fishing system.


It includes a rod handle, spinning reel and interchangeable rod blanks in light, medium and heavy action.


This means you can fish from panfish to trophy lakers, pike and walleye with just this system!


In addition, the system comes with a tip-up base that has one of the most unique, sensitive and dependble strike indicator triggers on the market.


If the rod is set up as a tip-up and you get a bite, the flag pops and even if it’s a larger fish that “slams” the tip-up, the handle has a special locking device that prevents the rod from coming off the stand. When you approach it, you simply lift the rod off and fight the fish. This system gives you the ability to just jig with the rod, or use it as a very effective tip-up!

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