Ice Rainbow Trout action.

Posted on December 26th, 2019

Our good friend Andrew Yeung has been on a few early-ice adventures up to 8 hrs. north of the GTA. On one of his last trip he targeted rainbows and half the fun was getting to his lake.

Northern Ontario has beautiful scenery and most productive trout lakes are back in the bush.

Snowmobiles and pull sleds are perfect to reach many of these lakes.

A good way to locate these isolated lakes is to contact the local OMNR&F District Office and obtain stocking lists. Combine the stocking lists with viewing the lakes on a topo chart and when you find a lake that is off the beaten-track and that has had regular stocking, it’s probably a good bet to fish.

Not only is the scenery beautiful getting to the lake but it’s also a great way to keep fit.

Pete’s rainbows weren’t monsters, but they were fun to catch and make for excellent eating.  Small spoons, jigs, minnows and even roe bags fished on an ultralight or tip-up set up works great.

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