Ice Pike time!

Posted on January 17th, 2018

Tim Vanderklok send us a surprise catch he ended up landing while he was targeting jumbo perch fishing one of the many waterways in the Niagara Region. His catch ended up being a good-size pike that was landed on a light outfit and light line. During the winter time Pike often cruise in the same areas where smaller panfish like perch feed. They are hunting for the same panfish the angler is chasing. In many cases they won’t pass up a small live minnow or a small jigging  lure. If you use a set-rig loaded with light line for panfish, make sure you have enough line on your reel just in case you end up hooking a larger pike over 32″.

057A4942 fish_on_tipnjig

The TipNJig Total Ice Fishing System is an excellent set-up that allows you to use 3-different rod tips; light, medium or heavy. It also has the most sensitive “strike indicator” to alert you to the lightest strikes and if you do end up hooking a big fish, the drag allows the fish to take line out safely and a locking system that prevents the fish from ripping the rod off the stand. Pike are excellent winter fun and often overlooked by many ice anglers.

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