Ice Pike.

Posted on January 6th, 2022

I love Pike fishing all season long. Over the years I have had excellent pike fishing through the ice on smaller lakes like Little Lake, ON near Orillia and also fishing large bodies of water like Lake St. Francis, Quebec and many lakes in southern Ontario.

Ice Pike.
Some small protected bays along Lake Ontario & Erie can produce trophy ice-Pike.

Winter Pike can be easily found through the ice if you can locate weedbeds. Same principle applies as finding Pike in open water….find weeds and you will find pike.

Ice Pike.
Pike are perfect targets through the ice to catch as a family.

While you can use set-lines baited with a minnow, I like to jig for them using a light, fluttering spoon. I either fish the spoon as it is or I add a baitfish hooked through the head on one of the hooks on the treble.

Ice Pike.
Long, fluttering spoons with lot’s of flash and action work great for ice-pike.

Normal jigging strokes work well near the bottom allowing the spoon to flutter/roll as it is free-falling. Most pike strike when the spoon rests on the down-stroke.

Popular areas to fish for Pike in southern Ontario are:

-Lake Couchiching

-Sparrow Lake

-Island Lake Conservation Area

-Guelph Lake Conservation Area

-Grand River


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