Ice Lakers of different colours.

Posted on February 16th, 2017

Many ice anglers are having excellent success targeting Lake Trout. Whether it’s Lake Simcoe in southern Ontario, or lakes north of Timmins, ON. I have had some questions sent to me about the color variations of Lake Trout caught from the same waters.


For example, here’s a few fish that Paul Kerash caught & released recently. You can see in the featured image that the trophy lake trout has “average” coloration and looks grey with mottling. The above trout is lean and much more silvery.


This Laker is plump and much darker in color. These are genetic color phases that the same species of fish can display coming from the same waters. Traditionally lakers that feed near the bottom in shallow water tend to be darker in color. Lakers that feed mostly on suspended open-water fish tend to be more silver in color. And those that do both tend to have the traditional grey color. I have seen this from Ontario all the way to Great Bear and Great Slave Lake in the NWT. No matter which color, they all are excellent gamefish to catch & release all season long!

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