Ice Lake Trout on TriggeX Minnow.

Posted on January 15th, 2015
This chunky laker was suspended about 50' of water when it nailed James jig/plastic grub.
This chunky laker was suspended about 50′ of water when it nailed James jig/plastic grub.

Cold temperatures across most of Canada has produced safe ice conditions. Anglers fishing northern waters targeting lake trout will do well fishing spoons like the Luhr Jensen Cast Champ & the Rapala More Silda in the larger sizes, the Jigging Rapalas and the TriggerX line of soft-plastic lures, including the Minnow.

rapala_icecombosRapala offers excellent ice fishing spinning and baitcasting combos that meet every ice anglers needs from ultralight outfits for panfish to heavier outfits that can land the largest walleye, pike and lake trout!

triggerx_minnow02TriggerX makes a wide range of soft-plastic grubs and one of the deadliest is the Minnow that can be fished for a variety of game fish all year long, including through the ice.

italo_laker02Lake trout are one of the most active fish during the winter months often feeding at all depth on either suspended schools of Ciscoe (Lake Herring), or closer to the bottom in lakes that have smelt and other baitfish that feed at deeper depths.

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