Ice fishing Splake adventure.

Posted on February 4th, 2020

What is an total ice fishing adventure? Well, to Conner Grdosic it’s heading up north with all your ice fishing gear. Picking a remote lake that you know has excellent Splake fishing and using a snowmobile to go cross county to get there.

Half the adventure is running up trails and going over bridges to get to secluded waters that would be very difficult to get to in the summer time.

This means running trails and even cross country.

Once you arrive it’s setting up “camp” for a couple of days.

Ice shacks set up, sled and accessories need to be prottected from snowfalls.

Amazing how comfortable you can be with a cozy heater even in the coldest weather.

A collapsible cot and camping matress makes for a comfy bed. No need to shower or put pajamas on!

Kitchen set-up with everything you need for a great few days on the ice…just add fish and the trip is complete!

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