Ice fishing for panfish with kids.

Posted on February 22nd, 2017

One of the things I really appreciate about ice fishing when the ice is safe is that people of all ages can enjoy it. Whether it’s fishing on the open ice on a mild day, or traditionally fishing from a heated ice hut on the coldest winter days. While we can target a wide variety of fish, if you plan on taking kids fishing, panfish are a great choice since you don’t have to go far from shore, in most lakes they are plentiful, and they are usually eager to feed.


Adam Jaroszewski sent us these images of Owen enjoying a few hours on the ice catching sunfish.


They fished small jigheads on light line and live wax worms to catch their fish. Crappie, sunfish, bluegill, perch & rock bass eagerly take wax worms or 2-3 live maggots on a small jig. They key is to find areas just off weeds where they are schooling up and the action is usually non-stop. You don’t need fancy gear, literally some light line, a small jig and the grubs…sometimes simple is better when it comes to kids fishing!

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