I think Lady Evelyn Lake should be changed to “Fish Factory Lake!”

Posted on February 1st, 2011

Don’t get me wrong folks, I LOOOOOVE ice fishing ! And this has been another great winter here in Southern Ontario. However, after guiding up at Red Pine Wilderness Lodge for the last 10 summers, I cant wait to get up there for my 11th season ! Red Pine Wilderness Lodge is located only 6 hours north of Toronto on a remote lake called Lady Evelyn. (I think the name should be changed to “Fish Factory Lake!”) because the fishing is “simply unreel!”

Red Pine Wilderness Lodge is mostly known for its trophy Walleye fishery. 10 to 30 Walleye a night is normal. On the good days we can see up to 140 Walleye per boat, with some fish in the 8 to 15lb range !!! We catch most of our Walleye on Jigs with live bait or trolling worm harnesses and Rapalas.

If you are a Smallmouth Bass fisher-person, you will love it up there in July, August and September. Its not uncommon to catch between 20 to 60 Bass in only half a days worth of fishing ! And that is on the main lake. We also offer some world class Bass fishing in some of our portage lakes as well.

As a matter of fact, the worst day that I have personally seen in our portage lakes in the last 10 years, is 67 Bass in 4 hours of fishing ! And the best day was 177 Smallmouth, per boat in only 4 and a half hours of fishing ! And some Smallies weighing up to 7 and a half pounds !!! The Smallmouth Bass can be caught on a wide assortment of baits such as plastics, crank-baits, top water, or my favourite. A simple jig tipped with a worm !

If you are looking to book a trip in May or June, I hope you bring some heavy fluorocarbon or steel leaders because our Northern Pike fishing can be a blast in some of our local shallower waters ! Trolling heavy spoons and Rapalas, or casting lighter spoons, in-line spinners, or tandem spinner baits can also get your heart pumping !

Every now and then Mother Nature does not co-operate, and she sends us a calm, hot sunny day ! As most of you anglers know, those are not the most optimum Walleye fishing conditions. But don’t fear, because we also have some gorgeous ponds and waterfalls where you can catch some beautiful Brook Trout, and Rainbow

Trout and Lake Trout on days like that. I personally have caught some trophy Specks over 7 lbs ! Or don’t hesitate to relax on our gorgeous sand beach and take in a good novel, or partake of a cool beverage !

One thing that I personally love about Red Pine Wilderness Lodge, is all the new friends I have made over the years. We can accommodate everyone up here. Such as people with special needs, to large corporate group’s, to families who just want to relax, or people like me. (THE HARD CORE FISHERMAN !) If you have any questions, or if you are just curious about the lodge don’t hesitate to check out our web site http://www.redpinelodge.com/

Or if you have some serious fishing questions for the guide. (Me) You can e-mail me at troutski79@yahoo.ca Don’t forget to watch our TV fishing shows that will premier this winter with Italo and Barb. They caught a heck of a lot of fish during their stay. I cant wait to watch it on TSN !!!  Red Pine Wilderness Lodge- Jigging for Walleye(Premiere airing  Sat. Feb. 5th, 2011 on TSN)  Red Pine Wilderness Lodge – Back lake kayaking – Smallmouth (Premiere airing  Bass March 19th, 2011 on TSN)

Red Pine Wilderness Lodge - Walleye! - Ryan Edenborough - Guide
Red Pine Wilderness Lodge - Walleye! - Ryan Edenborough - Guide
Red Pine Wilderness Lodge, Lady Evelyn Lake, ON
Red Pine Wilderness Lodge, Lady Evelyn Lake, ON

Unfortunatly I can not go back to Red Pine Wilderness Lodge until May. So I guess I will throw on my big winter boots and floater suit and continue this great ice fishing season here in Southern Ontario !

Ryan Edenborough troutski79@yahoo.ca

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