How do you unhook a big shark? Carefully!!

Posted on April 14th, 2017

If you get a chance to fish saltwater, you may find yourself fighting a shark. Sharks often take baits that are targeted for other species.


If it’s a small shark like the one James Willson is holding above, it’s no problem to handle it carefully and just take the hook out with needle nose pliers. Actually it’s best for one person to hold a smaller shark, and another person to carefully remove the hook.


But what do you do if the shark is over 5′ long? Hum…could be a bit more challenging. Well if you’re Typer DeGraff, who regularly catches and releases large sharks, especially from shore, you do the following.


First, use the right gear so that you can bring the shark without it totally exhausting itself. Secondly make sure to stay away from the head/tooth-filled mouth. Always approach the shark from the back, use your feet to hold the fins in place and very carefully remove the hook, always prepared for a head-shake….good luck!

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