Hot Redfish in Fla!!

Posted on June 5th, 2012

Redfish are a prevalent sportfish in the florida area. Charlotte Harbor redfish are powerful, skinny-water fish that make flats fishing fun. A schooling fish, they are often found in groups of 100 or more, moving together as they grub the bottom for food. They are caught using live or artificial bait. They are aggressive feeders and pull with incredible power when hooked. Redfish can be fished 12 months a year but spring and fall rate as the top months for this great fish. Low winter tides in the area create seasonal flats that become alive with cruising redfish. Reds venture into water less than 12 inches deep searching for food. Reds will stick half their bodies out of the water at times as they grub in the grass for baitfish and shrimp.

Goodtimes on the water






You can actually stalk individual fish. Accurate casting is the key to successful sight fishing under these conditions and offers a challenge to even the highly experienced angler. Reds also offer excellent sport for the inexperienced or newcomer to saltwater flats fishing. The other great thing about redfish is that hunting for them often turns up many trout and snook, as all three inhabit much of the same water. You just can’t go wrong when you are on a redfish hunt.




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