Home-made cut-bait for trophy Salmon.

Posted on July 5th, 2017

Capt. Aldo Nava has been having tremendous success consistently landing trophy Chinooks and trout fishing the Luhr Jensen Cut-Bait heads along with pickled herring strips that Aldo prepares ahead of time.

To do this you need to purchase whole herring that are in good condition and have all their scales.  Next you semi-thaw the herring and carefully fillet the sides off the body. The fillets are placed in a salt brine solution to firm them up. Aldo also uses a green color die to make sure the herring strips give off a “glow” as they are being trolled.


Combine using the cut-bait heads with home-made pickled herring strips and a Luhr Jensen flasher and you are ready to catch salmon!

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