Heavy Rains produce Flood Conditions in Upper, NY.

Posted on December 4th, 2009

I thought I would check-out the effect of the heavy rains two nights ago on the Upper, NY tributaries.  We headed to Olcott, NY early yesterday morning and can confirm that the water was flowing high and dirty.  Few anglers were out which was expected when you consider the Buffalo, NY area had flood-warnings due to heavy rains the night before.  Because of strong flows we could not fish our favorite runs and had to fish any sloer currents behind some of the large rocks that are in the main tributary.  You will see from the images that the water was a coffee-color.  My friends Bob McGe0wn and John Waind joined me on the trip.  They fly fished all morning and I fished a center-pin/drift rod with spawn sacks.  The first fish I hooked ended up to be a large rainbow (somewhere between 13-15 lb.), that jumped many times out of the water and ran about 500 meters down river taking me under partially submerged trees and around very large boulders.  I eventually caugth up to the fish, only to have the hook pull-out just before tailing it.  We hooked quite a few fish, but only managed to land 3-browns, and 3-rainbows….not bad when you consider how tough the conditions were.  Expect lot’s of fresh-run rainbows in all of the tributaries once the waters subside.

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