Hawaiian, USA Tuna fishing good alternative to shoveling snow!

Posted on December 12th, 2013
Nice double-tunas Mike! Hope you enjoyed them all three ways; grilled, sushi & sushi-mi!

Our good friends Mike & Anne-Marie Atkins took a break from our cold weather and headed to Hawaii! Mike as you probably know is a competitive fishing tournament angler teaming-up with Pat Pagano who puts on the ICHA Handicapable Event every year in Windsor, ON.  We have done many TV shows with Pat and Mike over the years, but now Mike is widening his fishing experience to off-shore big-game fishing.

Judging from Anne-Marie's smile I think she is enjoying her fishing & relaxing in Hawaii!

We also fished with the Atkins and the Pagano’s with Aldo Nava on his www.niagarafishingadventures.com charter, and I saw all the wives land some pretty big trout and salmon.  I guess that was practice for Anne-Marie since those tuna give excellent fights sizzling line out and making fast runs.

Skipjack tuna are plentiful off-shore and can keep anglers busy for hours!

Skipjack tuna are common in the “blue-waters”, they are plentiful, they feed in schools and they are a lot of fun to catch!

One of the best places to do that is of course Hawaii, USA.  Mike is also an avid golfer so I am sure he is balancing his vacation between both.  Those tuna Mike is holding up are good eating whether lightly “seared” on the grill, or prepared as sushi or sushi-mi.  I am sure the fish were put to good use!!


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