Have you ever caught one of these?

Posted on July 17th, 2018

Every once and a while I get a fish image sent to me with a, “What fish is this?”. Even avid anglers sometimes hook into something  that they are not sure what it is, recently I have seen images of “Rudd” which are an invasive species introduced to Ontario from Europe which can grow up to 18′ (over 3 lb.).

The latest fish that was not identifiable by the angler turned out to be a Fallfish. They look similar to a large Chub but have larger scales and are silver in color, almost looking like a trout. They can range in size from 6″ to over 1 lb. and are often caught in lakes using bait or lures when targeting gamefish. They are plentiful in lakes, rivers and streams, but not everywhere. So, if you catch this interesting looking fish, now you know what it is!

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