Hamilton Bay producing Trophy Channel Catfish.

Posted on April 30th, 2009


and Jason Howick report: The Hamilton Bay/Harbor area the past couple of weeks has been great for numbers of large channel catfish, with the best fishing beginning at sundown until midnight.  Large schools of channel catfish are attracted to the warmer water of shallow black bottom bays and feed aggressively during the twilight hours.  Fishing with 8-9 ft medium to medium-heavy action rods, spinning reels loaded with 20-30 lb braided line, and a slip-sinker rig with 1-2 oz weights.  The heavier sinker and weight of the cut-bait assists in launching rigs far from shore.  Cut-bait as well as live bait (minnows, worms) fished on 1/0-3/0 octopus and Siwash hooks insure solid hookups on hard mouthed channel cats.  Our first outing we caught around 25 channel cats up to 12 lbs as well as 10 monster bullheads thrown into the mix. 



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