Gulf of Mexico Red Grouper action.

Posted on November 28th, 2016

I’m having a great time with Arieshadela Putri Irwantini (Della) & Peter Yeung who are fishing with me for a week and taking lot’s of pictures and video of our adventures. You will start to see many posts over the next week of our successful outings.


We started things off by going about 20-30 miles off-shore and seeing if we could get Della into her first keeper Red Grouper.  It only took her about an hour to get used to the fishing technique in 70′ of water and she ended up catching the largest grouper of the outing.

PYP_7409 pete_italo_grouper

Peter and I also had a great time catching keeper grouper fishing cut bait on the bottom with sliding-sinker rigs. These snapper are a little tricky to get off the bottom since they hold in holes along the bottom and lash out at a bait to immediately turn and head back into their layer. It’s critical to keep them off the bottom for the first :30 sec., and we were successful in doing the with all our grouper.

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