Gulf of Mexico Grouper action, Fl.

Posted on November 28th, 2015

Southwest Florida saltwater offers excellent Grouper action all season long. Our neighbor Bill Carlson and I had a chance to take out Harvey Katz so he could find out how much of a challenge it is to catch and release some nice grouper.


Harvey landed the most large grouper of our 3-some! We probably landed 40-50 fish in total between snapper, big grunts & grouper.


We caught our fish in 70′ of water using a combination of baitfish we had caught using Sabiki rigs and also chunks of squid right on the bottom.


Grouper like to live in gaps and shelves on the “ledges” of the Gulf of Mexico bottom-structure. They usually come out to grab your bait and then head right back into the obstruction so it’s crucial to stop them before they can run your line over sharp edges.



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