Gulf of Mexico, FL trophy Red Grouper.

Posted on April 28th, 2015

italo_grouperWinds were favorable today and we headed out about 20 miles into the Gulf of Mexico in search of tasty Red Grouper.

angela_lee_grouperWe fished about 70′ water using 2 & 3 oz. egg sinkers with chunks of baitfish and squid to target grouper. These fish have sharp teeth and once hooked, they immediately try and take your line under sharp-edged “ledges”. This is where it”s crucial to use a good leader like the Sufix 100% Fluorocarbon Leader in 50 lb. test, and to have your drag set very tight!

rapala_magnum_rod_grouperWe had lot’s of action and probably landed about a dozen nice grouper. You can see how hard these fish fight by the bend in Barb’s Rapala Magnum rod.

barb_grouperNothing better than having hot-weather and hot-grouper action in south-west Florida. Guess what we had for dinner?


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