Gulf of Mexico, FL Squirrel Fish.

Posted on December 11th, 2016

There is a fish that is plentiful of the southwest coast of Florida called the Squirrel Fish. It’s nickname is the “sand perch”. Interesting that it looks a little like our freshwater perch in that it grows to about 15″ and has stripes down it’s sides.


Unlike our freshwater perch, it has a head more like a Goby, pretty vivid colors, but it’s just as tasty, or even more than our freshwater perch. Squirrel Fish are usually found over a sandy bottom and will pick-up almost any bait fished near the bottom.


We often catch them using chunks of squid. Besides being excellent table food for humans, Grouper have a special liking for them and fishing a whole Squirrel Fish often produces the biggest grouper.


One of the best ways to prepare them for eating is deep-frying them in a fish coating…just like our perch back home. Images professional taken by Peter Yeung Photography.

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