Gulf of Mexico, Fl reef fishing.

Posted on February 5th, 2013

[nggallery id=832]Today, my pup Mulligan & I had a chance to fish with our good friend Mike Scarlett and one of our neighbours, Izzy Avramovitz.  We had good weather conditions and seas of under 2′, so we decided to make a run out in the Gulf of Mexico, about 4-5 miles out and search some of the reefs for a variety of fish. 

We started by putting out a chum bag and attracting bluefish and mackerel to our boat.  As soon as we spotted both species breaking surface around the boat we started casting 1/4-3/8 oz. silver spoons and in no time hooked many fish.  In several instances one of us would hook up on a fish and you could see schools of up to 20 fish following and trying to strike the spoon as well which made for very exciting fishing.

We used the Rapala Concept Ti, Shift , R-Type , & Magnum rods equipped with Rapala Shift, R-Type and Andros spinning reels. Our line of choice was the Sufix 832 braid in 10 lb. test with a Sufix fluorocarbon leader. We fished live shrimp on drop-shot rigs and 1 oz. bell sinkers. All of our lines were equipped with #2 size circle hooks just to ensure if smaller fish were hooked that they could be easily released with minimal handling.

When we had our fill of catching bluefish & mackerel we headed to another reefin 30′ of water and caugth some really nice grunts and sheepshead. Tomorrow we will be taking advantage of the great Gulf conditions and we will be heading back out to the Gulf.

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