Gulf of Mexico, FL Mangrove Snapper.

Posted on August 2nd, 2017

I’ve been having a great time filming in Florida’s Gulf of Mexico for a variety of fish. One of the tastiest and toughest to catch is the Mangrove Snapper. While they are plentiful around wrecks along with all the other snapper, they are the most weary and either have to be targeted at night, or during the day when you get them off the bottom with a chum bag.  Our feature image is Silvia Debrenceni holds up a nice Mangrove Snapper she caught in 80′ water.


That’s when you use a light weight, small hook and a frozen, peeled shrimp and let it drift back from the boat where the chum is being dispersed. As soon as the line start to run, you have either a Mangrove or Yellowtail Snapper on! Darren Farella above holds up a chunky Mangrove.

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