Gulf of Mexico Barracuda.

Posted on August 9th, 2018

Barracuda are one of the most plentiful fish in most warm oceans. I love to target them either using topwater lures or cuda-tubes fished fast on the surface, or just below.


The key is to locate a school of cuda that are often suspended over reefs and wrecks , but may not be active. I use our Raymarine Axiom with the RealVison3D and fish finder screen to mark the “cuda attracting structure” and then I troll over them between 4-5 mph. Sometimes we do circles around the bottom structure for up to 20 minutes and eventually we get a fish to come up and smash our lure right at the surface….very exciting stuff.


Even small barracuda fight hard and you always have to use caution handling them. Can’t take their long-sharp teeth for granted!

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