Gulf Grouper, FL.

Posted on December 17th, 2018

I love to eat saltwater fish and one of my favorite is the Grouper. In southwest Florida Red Grouper are plentiful but to catch one that’s a keeper you normally have to venture out a distance from shore. In my case I usually target Grouper over 20 inches anywhere from 20-30 miles off shore. To do that you need reasonable water conditions.

Grouper like to live and feed around bottom structure that have holes, crevices and coral growing on the bottom. While most anglers use live baitfish or frozen herring, sardines and squid to catch them, this fall I have been doing really well just jigging a Williams vertical jigging spoon just off the bottom.

To do this properly you have to either anchor, use an electric trolling motor in “anchor-mode”, or go in and out of gear with the outboards. The key is too keep that line as vertical as possible so you are jigging within one foot from the bottom. A larger grouper fights hard when hooked and does one thing…..it heads right to the bottom and tries to go into a hole so having your drag set right and getting the fish off the bottom is key.

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