Grill-Mat grilled saltwater fish.

Posted on April 15th, 2016

For those of you that love to eat fish, and especially grilled fish, I just wanted to share with you an excellent way to grill your fish so the fish does not stick to the grill whether it’s fillets or smaller whole fish.


I have been using a “grill-mat” for over a year and I’m very impressed. The grill-mat is made of a material that can withstand 600F, it has tiny holes so let heat pass through. I normally grill fish on the mat at 250F and I find that any butter, oil or other seasonings really baste into the fish since they remain on the grill-mat while it’s cooking (unlike an open grill where everything drips off). Above is a shot of a few Grunts we did cleaned, scales and whole on the grill-mat….delicious!!

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