Great Ontario Salmon Derby

Posted on August 14th, 2013

I have had the opportunity to get out fishing for the GOSD the past few weeks quite a bit. I have typically been out for anywhere between 1 hour to 3 hours at a time in the morning or evening. I have fished with my brother, friends Glen, Mario and Fred. I have also fished with my family this year as I got a family ticket for the first time. It is a bit early for that, as my daughter is only 2, but my son is now 4 and loves getting out. I have fished from Bronte to Pickering along the north shore of Lake Ontario, deep water as much as 240 feet, to as little as 30 feet with mostly good success. I have had a few tough trips, but many good ones.

I have found the Luhr Jensen Coyote 11″ flashers and TriggerX teaser heads with cut bait to be excellent. The same Coyote flashers and Atomik flies and Sushi flies have also produced well. The Frog racer colour has been terrific, as has mountain dew crush glow, black double crush glow and some custom colours I did up. Sufix fluorocrabon leaders in 30lb has been perfect for the bait heads, and 50lb has been excellent for flies. Gamakastu 5/0 Octopus hooks and 4x strong size 1 treble hooks have been great for flies.

Downriggers as well as Dipsy Divers have been firing well. I found the Dipsys firing well on various amounts of line out. Deeper water 210 feet out was good on a 3 setting, and 35 and 56 feet out on a 3 setting was good in shallow water. The downriggers have been good from 60-feet down to the bottom. I use Rapala wire RSC rods and Hydros reels

with 30lb wire for Dipsy Divers, and RType downrigger rods with Hydros reels for downrigers, spooled up with Flea Flicker line in 20lb test.

Two to three weeks ago the fish were deeper, however the past week they have turned dark and are staging shallow at creek and river mouths. The lake salmon season will be coming to an end in a couple of weeks, so get out there and experience some of the great fishing Lake Ontario has to offer!

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