Great Lakes steelhead strategies.

Posted on November 24th, 2017

This fall we have been fortunate with descent air temperatures and some heavy rains which has made for ideal Lake Ontario tributary conditions to catch steelhead.


Matt Cory of TopSet Sportfishing has been doing his share of fall fishing and producing some quality fresh-run fish.


The top two presentations to catch these primarily winter spawning trout is to either drift-fish with salmon or trout roe bags, or to drift a single imitation egg. Glass and plastic beads have become very popular  in the last decade and work especially well in the all when Chinook salmon and brown trout are spawning in peppering the tributaries with their eggs. Steelhead and brown trout downstream often gorge themselves on the eggs and can be easily fooled to take a single imitation salmon or trout egg.


If you do decide to fish beads, there are three popular methods to attache them to your line. Most anglers secure the bead anywhere from 1/2 – 1″ up from a small steelhead hook by either using the tip of a toothpick inserted in the hole of the bead, a small rubber band or even just running a double-loop through the bead so that when the loop is loose you can adjust the position of the bead, and when you tight the double-loop, the bead remains secure in it’s position. All of these work well to secure the bead and entice steelhead to grab it!

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