Great Lakes Salmon spoon tips.

Posted on August 13th, 2020

Many anglers targeting Great Lakes Salmon & Trout fish flasher/flies, cut-bait heads and of course fluttering spoons. When you snap on a spoon how do you decide which size, width & color to use?

I use a simple rule of matching the spoon to the baitfish I believe the big Kings are feeding on. If I see suspended schools of baitfish they are most likely either small shiners, immature Alewife or mature Alewife. That’s when I use a wider body spoon that have a wider wobble and more roll & flash.

If I see bait on the bottom it is most likely Smelt or even other species of long baitfish like small lake herring. That’s the time to use the narrower spoons that have a tighter wobble.

I base my color selection on the color of the water and the skies. Dark skies, early and late in the day, dark colors, even black painted spoons since black casts the best silhouette and fish can see them from a distance.

Bright skies, bright silver lures with just a small accent stripe or dots of green, blue, pink and even chartreuse.

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