Great Lakes Migratory Browns.

Posted on November 21st, 2018

Each fall when the tributary Great Lakes Chinook salmon are finishing their spawning it’s time to enjoy some of the best migratory Brown trout fishing of the season. Brown usually start running at the same time the Chinooks start running the Great Lakes tributaries. As Chinooks spawn, Browns are eager to pick-up their eggs.

This is the time to fish down-stream waters from the Chinook where Browns lay in deeper pools and runs and are picking up the loose salmon eggs.

Browns will take small roe bags, but they really love to pick-up individual salmon eggs.

This is the best time to fish single imitation salmon eggs like the natural looking and soft Cleardrift Float soft-beads. Fish these about 1 1/2-4″ up the line from a small #8 or #10 trout hook and let them drift naturally with the current drifting just off the bottom to holding Browns. This is where a drift-outfit and center-pin reel performs best. Most anglers will fish these with a sensitive float. If the float goes down from a fish-take, it’s important not to “slam” the rod. Gently, firm hook-sets work best!

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