Great Lakes migratory Brown Trout.

Posted on November 20th, 2019

As temps drop and Great Lakes migratory Brown Trout have for the most part finished spawning, they drop back towards the Great Lakes and they really start feeding again which is a great time to fish them using a variety of artificial drift-baits.

Many steelheaders will continue to use soft or hard beads, roe bags, jigs, flies and soft-plastic worms and grubs. These all work well but the key is locating “drop-back” browns. This is the time to fish the lowest sections of tributaries often referred to as “frog-water” (slow-moving, deeper and longer runs). Drift here are slower moving then upstream and anglers will do well down-sizing their float and split-shot sinkers to still get a natural drift at current-speed.

I have down well fishing browns right in to January if weather permits and tributaries still have open water.

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